Explained: Why do you need to seal tiles and floor?

Every household has its own aesthetics. But one common thing that binds all is the flooring system.

Tiles of various designs make the house space more personal and beautiful.

But what if you are told that tile sealing is important?

This part seems to be the most neglected by house owners. It’s important to understand that you’re walking base must be strong and sturdy.

Imagine yourself slipping on the floor just to see that the tiles are no longer in place!

Tile sealing image with water drops on tiles
Tile Sealing and cleaning

Such situations can turn out to be very ugly for individuals. In order to keep the pressure off your shoulders, you should act smart and think big.  An easy solution that can perfectly match your expectations is to seal the tiles and floor.

This is the best way to keep your tiles healthy, without creating further damage. Most tile installing experts would advise you the same.

So how is it done? Let’s dig into more tile sealing facts.

The components of tiles: 

One of the most important components of a tile is its grout. This grout also needs to be sealed in order to keep it in place.

However, in order to prevent the grout from staining, sealing of tiles is necessary.

Overlooked floors naturally lose their tenacity and thus, it becomes difficult to install the tiles back again.

Sealing of every part of the tile is one of the easiest cures that you must take up today. In this way, you can keep both the tile and the grout clean.


Tile sealing transformation on tiles before and after
tile sealing transformation after using a tile sealer

The right time to seal the tiles:

Sealing is an important mechanism that keeps the tiles in place. In addition to that, the grout seems healthy as well.

To prevent excessive dirt accumulation and accidental slipping on the floor, it is necessary that you seal your tiles.

Grout erosion is one cause that you need to move on with tile sealing. However, no tile is similar in nature. The type of sealing to be done in the tile depends on the size, quality, and even texture.

On major conditions, tiles like heavy stones, granites, marbles, and even slate must be sealed. To prevent further straining, it is time that you delve deep into the action!

The mechanism behind tile sealing: 

Although tile sealing is expensive in nature, it is essential to take care of the surface over which you walk upon.

With time, the porosity of the tiles tends to fade and the grout no longer stays in place. It also starts losing its luster.

Therefore, binding both the element becomes difficult. This also leads to house accidents like too much dirt accumulation and greasiness.

Therefore, getting the tiles sealed from Surface Master would prevent contamination and further premature decay.

Old and worn-out tiles must also be cleaned in order to keep the sealing in place.


Tiles Sealer nz
Tile sealing and Repair services in Auckland, Hamilton & Waikato

Get a free quote from Surface Masters: 

Tile sealing is a time-taking activity and requires patience and mastery.When you approach the Master's for the service, you can get an average quote about the average amount to be spent.

Tile sealer happens to investigate the floor first so that the condition can be assessed.

The service offered by the company helps to restore the quality of tiles back to normalcy. To protect the tiles and keep it safe from staining further, this service is mandatory.

It is always a wise idea to let the manufacturers handle the task. Since they have quite a lot of experience in their hands, their level of craftsmanship is extraordinary.

Therefore, follow the advice of the experts to keep the seal in its place. For both the grout and the tile, the Master's use their best tool to prevent excessive moisture from sticking to the surface.

Apart from floor tile sealing, wall tiles to need similar protection. Therefore, to keep away from discoloration and grime, Surface Masters use all the professional tools to start sealing it.

In fact, there are greater chances of slipping on unsealed floors as well. The tiles once sealed, would lead to better safety in building your home structure!

Clean the tiles regularly: 

After the sealing has been done by the experts, it is essential that you start taking care of it.

To keep its newness intact, make sure that you do some regular cleaning. The same case goes with the shower tiles as well.

If your tiles are too dirty after the sealing process, let Surface Masters do it for you.

A shower tile sealer might look into your issue and fix it immediately. The Master;s would use their solution to remove the stains and the dirt from the surface.

The steps to clean the tiles are as follows:

Bleaching the surface is the first step to release all trapped dirt inside the floor tile and the shower tile. The bleach is mild and doesn’t cause erosion to your tile.

Next, the Master's take a scrub to remove the dust and using a small metal brush, scratches off any excess accumulated particle.

It is recommended to start cleaning the tiles after a week of the operation. This is so because it takes around 7 days to seal the surface. If you clean the tiles soon after, you might notice the same issue. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact the tile cleaning expert a week after the sealing!

Commendable service for tile sealing! 

Tile cleaning service by Surface Masters ensures complete satisfaction at every level of work. Since it involves intricacy, it is necessary to put all factors in place to keep the tile safe.

Tile cleaner Auckland understands the needs of the clients and suits to your requirements. Before the work is started, an average idea about the cost is given to the clients.

To maintain complete transparency and a healthy relationship, the tile cleaning expert seeks to keep up to their level of expertise.

If you require emergency tile sealing services, then the Master's would be happy to step forth for the work. You can pour in your requests if you want to change the look of the tiles!  Thus, the work done is highly appreciative because of the quick response of our Professionals.


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