Service Available For – Shower Glass / Exterior Windows / Pool Balustrades / Automotive Glass / Marine & Aircraft Perspex – Domestic & Commercial.

Gleaming clear glass improves the aesthetics of a room or building and also the value of your property. Surface Masters glass restoration is a simple and cost effective alternative to installing new glass! Glass restoration will remove water / soap / mud staining leaving your glass shower screens looking brand new. You will significantly prolong the life of your existing glass plus cut your cleaning time by up to 90%.

Use of Nanotechnology treament, How it works

Surface Masters active glass treatment includes use of nanoparticles to make the glass photocatalytic and hydrophilic. The photocatalytic effect means that when UV radiation from light hits the glass, nanoparticles become energized and begin to break down and loosen organic molecules on the glass (in other words, dirt). Hydrophilic means that when water makes contact with the glass, it spreads across the glass evenly, which helps wash the glass clean. Nanotechnology treatment creates a water repellent surface, not allowing water to penetrate the glass. Because the Nano particles are invisible the product is clear. Once applied to glass the Nano particles self assemble and form three layers. One bonds to the glass, the second forms the water repellent layer and the third forms a protective cap to improve longevity. After application your glass is left with an invisible water repellent coating which will last for years and years.




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