Solved: How To Repair Cracked & Chipped Tiles?

The aesthetics of our homes matter a lot. The sense of style that we showcase and the décor that we support can tell a lot about our taste and class.

It is important to ensure that everything you have inside your house is pitch-perfect.

Under such circumstances, what if you notice some damaged tiles in the bath of your master bedroom?

Broken or ripped tiles looked hideous and may spoil your image within the blink of an eye.

Most people relate a broken to the retiling of the entire room. However, retiling Is certainly not required, especially if only one or two tiles have been broken.

Repair tile and grout easily
tile and grout repair

There are various ways in which you can repair ripped or broken tiles at home. To make sure you have no confusions taking a few steps, below mentioned are some methods that come to your aide:

• Painting:
One of the easiest ways to cover the cracks is to apply some paint over it. This method works best for cracks that are as thin as a hairline. The paint gets inside the crack and it looks the crack never existed. However, the tile would still be broken but won’t look like it even a bit. To make sure this method works properly, you have to apply a paint that matches the color of the tiles exactly. If the tiles have a pattern or texture, it could get difficult to do a fine job however, it is worth a try. You can even ask the employee at the paint store to get you the color you need.

• Glazing:
Glazing is a great way for tile and grout repair. In this case, the method would repair the tile instead of hiding the damage. The best way to go about the process is by combing this method with the method explained above. Glazing has to be bought from the market, the kind you should buy depends on the pattern you have on the tile. You can either buy transparent glazing or a colorful one that will enhance your tiles even more. Glazing can also help in ensuring no further damage to the tiles as it strengthens them.
Apply the glazing in coats, but make sure to clean and dry the tiles thoroughly so that no dirt stays in it once glazing is done.

• Tile filler:
There are various products available in the market with the name tile filler. This could be used to repair the damage on tiles. Use paints along with tile and grout repair mixture and apply it over the tile using a matchstick. The tile filler is made of materials that can fill up the cracked parts of the tiles and make it look almost new. Using paint along with tile repair would ensure that the repaired crack looks like a part of the tile. Once you are sure the tile crack is filled and the materials are dried, wipe the excess material off the tile using a cloth.

• Replacing the broken tile:
To follow this method, it is important to already have a tile that looks like the tiles present the room. You can ask for it from the installer who originally installed these tiles at your place. If you are not able to find them, look for the tiles with some retailers. If you are not able to find the tiles anywhere, this method might not work for you. However, if you do, you can start by putting a towel on the broken tile and hit the tile with a hammer.

The tile will further break into pieces that you can scrape off in bits. Make sure to remove the plaster beneath the tile as well so that space for a new tile can be generated. Put a coat of adhesive before putting the tile. Apply grout on the cracks between the tiles and let it try. Wipe the tile with a wet cloth so that it gets clean.

• Nail polish:
Another easy method to use while fixing a broken or chipped tile is by applying nail polish over it. Nail polish is a great way to ensure that the broken tile doesn’t break any further and color matches the tile. Nail polish will stay for a long time and wouldn’t come off that easily. You can use a mixture of various polishes to get the required color. Once you have the color you like, apply the color on the cracks with the nail polish brush. You can even create textures of the tile with the help of nail polish, a luxury you don’t get while using paints. Make sure to let it dry for a significant amount of time.


professional grout and tile repair
Damage tile and grout repair by surface masters


• Epoxy resin:
In this method, you need to use epoxy resin over the hairline cracks of your tile. If the cracks are very thin, you can use toothpicks to apply the resin. The amount of epoxy used should be able to fill the cracks. It takes a few hours for the epoxy to dry and settle into the cracks properly. If you want an even better job, you can cover the resin with a coat of nail polish or paint. This step would make the crack even more invisible. To make sure the paint stays for a longer time, you can apply a layer of urethane over the paint when it is dry. You should apply a coat of urethane every two-three years to keep the paint fresh.

Cracks may occur due to many reasons for your tiles. Treating these cracks right away is very important to cease any further damage.

Before starting with any of these methods, carefully observe the kind of tiles you have.

After this, follow the methods mentioned above and you would be able to treat the broken tiles effectively while eradicating the need to call a professional for help.

Make sure to arrange for the required materials before going about these processes. If none of these methods work for you, calling a professional is the only option left.


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