Explained: Why is grout sealing necessary for tiles?

Construction or renovation is done with the hope of not performing them again anytime soon.

It can be achieved if the job is done with the utmost care and all the necessary steps are taken.

When it comes to tiles, grout sealing is important because it protects the grout until it has dried and provides it further protection against water and other corroding agents.

Without the extra layer of protection, moisture will eventually reach the mortar and the integrity of the tiles will be damaged.

In the following points, the importance of sealing the grout shall be discussed to help occupants avoid any trouble relating to tiles.  

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Why does the grout need to be sealed?

The commonly used grout is used to fill the seams between tiles.

It is made up of sand, water, and cement.

If liquid stays over grout for a longer period, the grout absorbs it as it tends to be porous.

This could lead to the growth of mold or could corrode the grout away.

The moisture could seep through the grout and reach the mortar. Mortar is also porous and this will lead to further damage.

Thus, grout sealer is required to protect the grout against any corrosive action.

Through professional help, the job can be performed easily and the occupants will not have to worry about the same.

To overcome the drawback, certain types of grout and tiles have been developed to do away with the need for grout sealing:

Epoxy grout does not require to be sealed. Epoxy, unlike common grout, is non-porous and does not absorb liquid, therfore it is used for leaky shower tile repair issues .It is generally used with no-porous surfaces like glass.It is also flexible and does not harden up and therefore, does not crack. Epoxy grout is expensive in comparison to the usual grout and therefore, it does not find a place as an alternative.

Non-porcelain ceramic tiles do not need a sealer. Most of the Ceramic tiles have a protective film that does not let water seep through.On the other hand, porcelain tiles require a protective layer of sealer.Porcelain gets stained and damaged easily without appropriate protection.

Natural rocks such as marbles are to be sealed as they are porous.If they are not sealed, they will take in moisture and get damaged.Thus, unglazed tiles and natural stones also require sealing, along with the grout.


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Where to apply grout sealer?

Sealing the grout can be performed by experts. With years of experience, they perform the job quickly.

The sealing, like grouting, has to be done along the seams. Before grout sealer is applied, the grout has to dry.

If the tiles are large, there will be less ground to cover whereas if the tiles are of smaller size, a lot of work will have to be done.

As the seams are sealed, the tiles might get dirty. The experts will seal the grout and ensure that the tiles do not get dirty.

How to know if your grout needs sealing? 

There is a simple test to find out whether the grout needs to be sealed or not. Pour a few drops of water at the junction of two tiles.

If the water gets absorbed within a few minutes, you require Grout sealer nz.

It is a simple test to find out whether or not grout is sealed. If the grout is unsealed for a longer period, it will result in the growth of mildew or mold.

It will weaken up grout first, and then the cement or mortal below the tiles. This could lead to the tiles coming off.

Thus, sealing the grout acts as protection rather than cure. You can also call for professional help by Surface Masters who will perform the tests and suggest appropriate solutions.

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What are the different methods of application? 

As the tile sizes differ, a single method cannot be used for all of them. Different methods are adopted to seal the grout.

The occupants do not have to worry about the process they should select. The workers hired for the job will assess the tiles and select the most suitable process. Depending upon the process, the tiles might get dirty but the Masters will ensure that they are cleaned after the tiles have been sealed.

The process of Grout Sealing can be performed in three different ways:

1.  With the help of a brush, the sealer can be applied directly to the grout. This is comparatively time-taking than other methods as the sealer might have to be reapplied again and again as it does not hold on to grout quickly.

2.  A roller of the appropriate size can also be used to apply grout sealer. Unlike the brush, a roller is easier to use. It does not spread the sealer over the tiles as a brush does. Also, repetitive use of the roller is not time-taking and the sealer is applied uniformly and easily.

3.  The sealer could be sprayed on to the tiles. The sealer then gets absorbed by the grout and the job is performed. Though, the tiles will have to be cleaned later. The application is easy but it involves the task of cleaning the tiles. Also, this method cannot be used on every tile or stone.


When should you act? 

It is better to get the job done as quickly as possible. If the grout in your bathroom tiles, kitchen floor or platform is not sealed, grout sealer nz is the need of the hour.

The grout can be stained and also get corroded. Plus, if the moisture finds its way to the cement, it will destroy the integrity of the tiles.

By acting with precaution and using grout sealer, not only do the tiles and the grout last long, any damage is avoided that helps in saving unwanted expenses.

Thus, grout sealing is necessary for tiles. It does not tamper with the aesthetics of the tiles as its milky white appearance goes unnoticed.

It strengthens the grout by filling up spaces between it and leaves no room for moisture or other liquids.

Since professionals are hired for the job, they will assess whether the grout needs to be sealed or not. Also, clients can choose to get the tiles checked periodically, as maintenance and stay worry-free.


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