Slippery tiles are the worst because accidentally, you can break and fracture all your bones.

Most of the time, hard flooring is a good idea, and they can come in a lot of scope for you.

Ceramic tiles are slippery when they are wet or when they are contaminated with a lot of liquid-like oils, grease, and cooking fats.

You can get the best Anti-slip treatment for your floor to become less slippery so that you don’t fall.

It helps the level to become slip resistance, which involves the etching of the tiles with a basic solution that can make them course over time.

A lot of people can get injured

slipping on a slippery floor before using anti slip treatment on floor


Falls account for up to millions because of the unnecessary accidents which can happen due to the ceramic floors and tiles.

Each year, there are around cases of injuries that have been reported by homeowners and that inside.

Tile floors can be beautiful to look at, but if you are not paying enough attention, then you can fall to your bum.

It can be embarrassing if you fall in front of your guests. Plus, the injuries are bruised up as well.

How to get the best solution for your slippery tiles?

Here is the right way to put the solutions you need for your slippery tiles.

Step 1 -to mop the floor

Mop the floor with a mixture of anti-grease, which you can get for your ceramic floors. You can mix them with a liquid of warm water and then put it on your floor. You can mop them onto the areas which you think are the hotspots and you can fall there. After you have wiped it with the use of the anti-grease solution, you can again clean it. Let it dry at first and then wash it.

Step 2 -Use the rubber gloves for cleaning

Put on some rubber gloves when you are cleaning the surface. The rubber acts as a friction on the slippery tiles. So with the use of these gloves, you can see just them around. Plus for the cleaning service, rubber gloves are the best one to use by yourself.

Step 3 -Time to put on the tiles

Put on some of the slippery tile solutions if you want. A sustainable way and an effective way of dealing with the slippery floor are to surface and coat the layer that you want. There is a lot of products in the market which you can use for your floor. They are anti-slip, and they help to extract a grip of you when you are walking on these floors. This way, you can walk around with a firm grip even when your floor is slippery. And the chances of having an accident will be minimized to a certain extent as well.

Step 4Mix the solution well

Make sure that you mix the solution well and then use it on the tiles for the mopping. Spread it ours eventually. It will be good for you since if you spread it out, you can have a source. If you have a sprayer, then you can use it. Or, if you want, then you can even have a bucket to fill your floor with it. It is essential that you have the source ready before application. Keep in fact that it does not dry up.

Step 5 Let the acid to rest

Let the acid solution sitting there for about fifteen minutes. This means that you cannot leave it on the floor for far too long. If you leave it for far too long, then it can cause the tiles to damage. The solution which is there deepens the tiny natural grooves which are present on your flooring. The creative or the ridged ends that you have, the better it will be for you.

Step 6- Be Patient

We all know that using this solution can be time taking. But you have to keep patience with your side. Here. The better the patient you are, the better it will be for you. Make sure that you are keeping it for the time limit, which is mentioned. This way, you can get the best treatment for your floor.

Step 7 - Rinse your floor

Now that you have kept the solution on your floor, it is time for you to rinse it. Rinse the solution off the floor using a mop will be the best thing for you. The water neutralizes the solution factor. Wipe off the entire floor so that it can be right for you to walk on.

It can be embarrassing if you fall in front of your guests. Plus, the injuries are bruised up as well.



Don’t go with etching

Don't ever try to go with engraving as your anti-slip tile treatment here.

What happens is that the etching treatment can eat into the surface.

Often there are odors that are associated with the procedure, and this way and etching can be damaging.

If you use print too much on tiles, then the natural color can fade. This can leave your pipes to dry for too long, and leaving them for far too long can dull the color also.

Plus, there are stains that can come and occur due to etching as well.

Etching can cause a lot of damage if you see it.

Any initial improvement can cause the slip to go away.

But if you keep your floors etching too much, then your tiles will look like they are stripped off.

It is not good and, your floor will look like it has been scraped off.

Use the best solution and treatment

Using the best treatment for your anti-slip solution can be good for your floor.

If you want to keep their natural shine, then choose these factors. Always keep the solution for the predetermined time limit.

Keeping them for far too long can be bad, and it can cause the floor to be damaged.

Coating the tile floors is another thing you can do. Make sure that you are using a hard surface.

Most of the houses even have fake grass, which is based on tiles.

We can help you improve the safety of your flooring, regardless of the surface type.

Protect your most valuable assets and avoid a costly slip and fall accident. Our line of proven Anti-slip flooring treatments will solve all your slippery problems. Throw away those non-slip socks, non-skid shoes, and non-slip mats for a long-lasting alternative.

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