As homeowners and businesses alike have started to discover the advantages of epoxy coatings, epoxy flooring is becoming more popular than ever in the past several years. For applications in homes, a most-favoured spot is car garage for epoxy floors to be installed.  Not only can they protect against chipping of concrete from dropped tools, oil spills, and leaks, the tough epoxy resins also give a better-looking style and better touch to the garage Lots of homeowners may well not know is that epoxies can also be implemented in other uses of flooring around the house.

Laundry rooms can also use epoxy coatings, it is to guard the floor from detergent spills, wet clothes as well as moisture.  Other areas like kitchen can also be found epoxy flooring or places where food spills and a lot of foot traffic would destroy other types of flooring promptly.

There are a handful of modern-day houses that use epoxy coatings in nearly all the rooms, and then soft area rugs placed down in areas where people need greater comfort. Living spaces are a good illustration of this, where in fact the style and sleek appearance of epoxy might give the space a fantastic feel. Simply add a plush rug beneath the couch, and there is no need to be concerned about relaxing with your bare feet touching the cold epoxy floor.

Epoxy Coatings for Walls

Modern epoxy resins can also be used to coat the walls. The same epoxies colours, water resistance, and longevity–they can be implemented in your walls, which means you do not only have paint. For instance, you can apply a simple grey epoxy to the walls to provide a sturdy coating to the walls and shield them from damage and humidity

Commercial and Business Uses for Epoxy Flooring

On the business aspect, there has been an increasing usage for epoxy for a number of business purposes, which ranges from scientific (labs, clean rooms), to automotive, healthcare facilities, as well as showrooms. The following is a short list of where epoxy floors are implemented at:

  • Healthcare facilities – epoxy flooring is frequently found in hospitals so that a clean and sterile setting can be well-maintained for health factors.
  • Automotive– with all the current tools, chemicals and oils that are employee auto shops are really hard on concrete. Epoxy resin’s durability and toughness, shield the concrete and help supply a safe work space.
  • Aerospace and aviation – storage space facilities as well as hangars will take advantage of epoxy resins to guard against spills and equipment.
  • Laboratories and clean rooms – Epoxy floors are one of the most secure alternatives for these environments. A basic, clean as well as fixed free environment is very important in a market where lots of chemicals are employed, tests are carried out and accuracy is key.
  • Warehouse flooring – Epoxy floors provide a stronger and very easy to protect surface for thousands of square feet of flooring. A non-slip coating may be included with guarantee a secure workplace.
  • Commercial kitchens – food, spills and oil are typical expected risks in the restaurant industry. Epoxy floors help in keeping a secure and clean work space that is not difficult to steadfastly keep up.

In the event that you have applied epoxy flooring within your property and you need some regrouting work, you can turn to Surface Masters Epoxy Grouting. As a tile regrouting specialist, we provide Epoxy Grouting solutions to our clients as a part of our wide array of services. Surface Masters Epoxy Grouting is used in larger tiled surface areas. Find out more about us here.

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